Be Still…


It’s been a while since I last posted…mainly because I’ve been absolutely swamped with college classes, work, and wrestling with my past.  That’s the thing with the past…if you constantly look back at it, you can’t see what lies ahead, even when what lies ahead is not known or clear.  It’s easy to stay focused on the past because it is familiar, there is a sense of security in it, but it’s also easy to overlook all that keeps you bound, keeps you from being free, from becoming who God has called you to be, because there is no guessing with what you know, it doesn’t require the reckless abandonment to God called FAITH.  But I’m ready…I’m ready to take the small step of FAITH that seems so excruciatingly hard, but one that will allow me to SOAR.  So as I take this step to look ahead, to leave the past in the past in order to have the future God has prepared for me, this song has been on my heart and on repeat in my head.

Be still my heart and know
You are God alone
Stop thinking so much
And just let go
Be still my soul and rest
Humbly I confess
In my weakness, Your strength is perfect
For You are alone are God, there will be no other
And You have won my heart, more than any other
So I will give it all ’cause you gave it all for me
Bless the Lord, oh my soul cries out
All that is within me prays
~Be Still~ by Stephanie Frizzell-Gretzinger

4 thoughts on “Be Still…

  1. Beautiful! One thing that touched me was something I read by C.S. Lewis. I got a picture of myself as a horse with stumps for wings. The stumps are awkward and frustrating but they are a sign of what is to come – the soaring. I used to be so frustrated that I wasn’t soaring sooner and put so much pressure on myself, but this picture let me know it was okay to be a horse with stumps. They keep growing! Hope that encourages you and you do indeed soar!

    • Thank you! It does encourage me and I know this is a journey…a process. Learning to soar in the midst is my lesson. This is one of the many I will learn along the way…to trust God with everything in me.

      • Yay, I’m so glad. It really is a journey and process. Sometimes I get frustrated at it, can’t I just be there already. But I’ve come to love the journey most. It’s so fun.

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